Restoration Forces Arrest Extortionists In Bui

This is from BaretaNews sister platform Scandy Media which I share their views  is reporting that Restoration forces in Bui have arrested two notorious suspects for questioning.. Scandy Media mentioned that these two civilians were part of a gang operating in Bui moving from village to village, house to house terrorizing Ambazonians and at the same time collecting guns, huge sums of money, breaking into homes and stealing, threatening and blackmailing the population while addressing themselves as Amba Boys. The arrest of these individuals is part of the huge campaign by the ASC to root out those who have taken advantage of the God ordained revolution.

Scandy Media writes further:

“…The recent village has been Kitiwum precisely in Shukov kale where a family was attacked 2 days ago and a ransom asked if not their home would be set ablaze. Another women still in Kitiwum was attacked and kidnapped until 1 million was collected . Last two weeks we heard of similar incidents in kikaikom, and a week ago was Nseh…Our Restoration forces have been tracking down these groups and Scandy media has been reliably informed that there exist more than two of such groups as well as individuals calling themselves Amba boys.When ASC got the complains, they were obliged to share the self defense code of conduct to let our people know and understand that Ambazonian self defense forces do not kill their people, they protect them, they do not break into people’s homes, nor kidnap. They do not ask for ransom nor oblige people to give. People donate freely to them..”

BaretaNews adds that this phenomenon is seen also in Meme, Fako, Mbonge etc. Some civilians have taken upon themselves to pretend that they are Amba boys (Self Defense Forces), meanwhile they go about harassing the population. Just last week the ASC made known an email and phone numbers for people who are faced with this aspect to contact them so that legitimate self defense groups in that county can be contacted to track down those carrying out these illegal acts. We also understand that Yaounde through Atanga Nji have been using civilians to create fake groups.

It is the position of BaretaNews  that this campaign must intensify in other areas, those caught MUST NOT BE SPARED. The revolution must again be sanitised of these agents of darkness from within and without us. In fact, the upcoming Washington, DC must come out with a white paper that creates a Restoration Police Force amongst the self defense forces whose job must be to ensure that this new found waves of harassment and extortion of our people comes to an end.

In a war like ours, these things are bound to happen as rule of law breaks down, however, it is our responsibility, especially the restoration forces to Ensure that these acts are brought to a bare minimum or not in existence at all.The state of our revolution is strong.


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The ‘Anglophone’ Community is still in shock following the death of Rev. Father Alexander Sob, Parish Priest of Bomaka Local Government Area, Buea Diocese, Fako County. Father Sob passed on to glory yesterday in Muyuka Local Government Area as a result of gunshots. The Catholic church Vicar General Father Asek this morning released a statement announcing the death of Father Sob indicating that he was shot without details as to whose bullets did Father Sob bowed out of this earth. However, the how and the ways he died is still dangling in the tongues of the people of Ambazonia, Christians and family members as many versions are coming up. Ray Timah, Southern Cameroons Political Scientist presents an accurate eyewitness account which indicates Father Sob was deliberately shot at by La Republique Du Cameroun Soldiers. Ray Timah was speaking to a Muyuka Denizen who drove Father Sob to the hospital as he gave up the ghost. You may want to read on


Father Sob was shot at close range by the Military. I have spoken to an eyewitness who gave a vivid account about the incident. He maintained that Father Sob was no where near his Mothers house at the time of the unfortunate incident. Rev. had stopped in front of popular store known as ” CY STORE” around the Muyuka main park. His intention was to wait for the tense atmosphere between the Military and restoration forces to die down as gunshots could be heard from afar.

Father Sob

A few minutes later, a group of military men approaches his parked car and asked him to take down his windscreen. In the course of doing that, an officer open fire directly to his chest. Note that he was shot twice at two different positions through the screen on the drivers side. They shot him and left and the owner of the shop who had taken cover as a result of the gunshot attempted to rescue Father Sob.
He was moved to the passenger side of the same car he was shot in and transported to the hospital which was already late.

The Eyewitness added..” Nothing occurred like a stray bullet or crossfire. As a matter of fact, no exchange of gunfire was around CY store at the time of the incident. The area was a safe zone at the time, that is why Rev chose to park there for his safety. He was murdered. It was intentional. The position of the two bullet wounds could be seen on his right and left side of his chest. That tells a lot.”

Death Announcement

What caught my attention

The picture on the Facebook wall of Father Sob caught my attention. You can see him smiling directly behind Jacque Fame Ndongo during a celebration in Sasse . He never knew he was standing behind one the devil behind this war that cut his life short.
Rest in Peace Father.


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Cameroons Conflict: We will now need to explore other options, including remote monitoring- UN Human Rights High Commissioner


The United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner has today, 25th July 2018, criticized the Government of la Republique Du Cameroun for the massive killings and human rights violations in Southern Cameroons. The High Commissioner said as a result of Government rejection to grant them access into Ambazonia, the UN shall now consider other options including remote monitoring.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein  expressed deep alarm at persistent reports of human rights violations and abuses in Southern Cameroons as well as in the Extreme North of La Republique du Cameroun. The High Commissioner said it was regrettable that the Government of Cameroon had failed to grant the UN Human Rights Office access to the Northwest and Southwest despite repeated requests.
Listen to him:

“Given the seriousness of the reports of violence against Cameroonians in the western part of the country, we have asked for access to be able to verify allegations made against both security forces and armed elements,” High Commissioner Zeid said. “We will now need to explore other options, including remote monitoring.”

“To prevent the situation from deteriorating further, I urge the Government to launch independent investigations into the reports of human rights violations by State security forces as well as abuses by armed elements,”… The heavy-handed security response that the Government appears to have employed since October last year will only make matters worse for the women, children and men caught in the middle.”
The UN HUMAN RIGHTS Boss also said he was “utterly appalled” by a horrific video reportedly showing members of the armed forces executing a woman, a child and a baby accused of being members of Boko Haram. “The Government of Cameroon has an obligation to investigate this atrocious crime urgently. I am deeply worried that these killings captured on camera may not be isolated cases,” he said.

My Take:
This is not bad coming from the UN Human Rights Boss but in my considered view, the circumstances surrounding the current crisis and massive blood shed requires more than just mere speeches or words. The UN has to be more pragmatic. It must match its words with actions. Give the people what they want and the crisis ends. period. Whereof, We of Southern Cameroons require more than just words of consolation. We know we are mourning but in our present circumstances, we don’t need words that make us feel better; we need actions that will satisfy the demands of over 8000.000 Ambazonians at home and abroad.  We desire JUST one thing and that is what this struggle is all about; INDEPENDENCE OF SOUTHERN CAMEROONS AND NOTHING MORE.


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The Era of Divide and Rule is Over, this is Not Partisan Politics, Buea is Non-negotiable – AP Dr. Sako Samuel

The Acting of President of the Interim Government of Ambazonian has reiterated his commitment to see Ambazonia a free nation. Speaking to the Ambazonian public in a speech over the weekend, the president noted that haven come this far, there is nothing that will be able to stop the Ambazonian Restoration Movement.

Not the divide and rule tactics of the terrorist regime, not the buying over of week men and women, chiefs and the so called Ambazonian elites can stop the people’s resolve. Not even the invocation of ancestral powers against the revolution by Fons and Chief can stop the train from moving to its destination.

According to Dr. Sako, the era of divide and rule is over. The revolution is not partisan politics where political opponents will be tussling to take over control of leadership or government. It is about a people’s collective destiny and that of unborn generations. He therefore charged Ambazonians to be united and look at the greater goal, no matter, the differences in opinions.

Reacting to the case of some arrested Buea Chiefs, the acting President emphasized that nobody body in Ambazonia is above the law of the land, especially if such individuals are working with the terrorist regime in one way or the other to truncate the people’s movement.

According to him, the interim government has instructed the restoration forces through the ASC, to threat the arrested chiefs respectfully, while also thoroughly carrying out their investigations on the allege burial of virgins to forestall the activities of the restoration forces. The chief will be released immediately investigations are over but must however face the law in due course if found guilty of the allegations, he noted.

The President therefore called on All Ambazonians to rise up for the revolution, as it is the intention of the colonial regime to eliminate all Ambazonians, especially the so-called neutral ones.

“… I urge every true Southern Cameroonian to take what is happening now as a sign and as a warning to all who are still hanging in the fence. The Franco-Biya blood thirsty mafia has a plan to eliminate us all as a people especially the so called neutral people and the ‘dimabola’ praise singers. Biya’s forces would kill anybody when it fits their agenda to do so. We are all expendable. They don’t love us, they love what we have and not what we are. All chiefs and Fons of the Northern and Southern zones of Ambazonia must recognize that this is true, this is happening and join our revolution instead of trying to chase the wind or instead of escaping for refuge to a den of vampires in French Cameroon.”

“You are all witnesses of how much the ground game has changed since March when I promised you a game changer. However, with only a third of what I requested from Ambazonians in March plus your private sacrifices directly to Ground Zero we have succeeded to infect all our 13 counties with the ‘WaterNaWater’ syndrome. Today, the fear of Amba is the beginning of wisdom. Today, the so-called Anglophone Crisis has suddenly been upgraded into a full-blown conflict between Southern Cameroons and French Cameroon in diplomatic corridors. This is very significant in diplomatic parlance because unlike crisis, conflicts are only resolved through mediation.” He added

The President concluded by congratulating all Ambalanders and especially the restoration forces, stating that those who thought the terrorist regime could succeed through a military solution have been forced to go back to their drawing table. He therefore plead with the Ambazonian people to give the IG the necessary resources requested, so that self-defense can move from a push back to a complete push over.


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France Is The Oppressor, They Continue To Keep Southern Cameroon Their Captives

Once an oasis of peace and stability in Africa, my beautiful home region of Southern Cameroons is currently going through excruciating pains, seemingly worse than the Rwandan genocide of 1994: our people are actually being exterminated like cockroaches. Nearly two years have gone by and, I am convinced, the UN and AU have not demonstrated any real commitment to mediate in this menacing situation. It is well known that France is pulling the strings to keep our nation, full of rich human and natural resources, captive.

In the present circumstances, it is imprudent for Grand Masters to parade the corridors of the Unity palace, and dine with, and confer accolades on, a president whose dormancy is suspicious; a man who, since the advent of the current crisis, has refused to shear the sheep. This crisis that has steadily degenerated to a civil war is no longer an internal affair. It is rather a global threat to peace and stability because Cameroonian patriots all over the globe and Africans of good will are affected. It is no longer an internal affair because the government has violated the universal declaration of human rights in all facets.

What must we do? There is urgent need for cease-fire from both sides. I vehemently condemn all armed robbers and bandits who are taking advantage of the situation to loot and harass peaceful civilians. A peaceful resolution can only be possible with the mediation of a third party because the people of Southern Cameroons have lost confidence completely in the Biya regime. Considering the aloofness of AU and UN, the USA stands in the position to mediate at this time. Notably, the case of Southern Cameroons has been a subject of discussion at Capitol Hill with sufficient evidence of untold human rights abuses and the subjugation of the people of Southern Cameroons. As the crisis worsens by the day, can the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Congress revisit the case of Southern Cameroons? Sincerely, can my friends in the US advise on what else we can do to encourage the US to step into this bloody crisis? Are the people of Southern Cameroons less human than the people of Libya, North Korea or Syria? Please help us, our people are perishing!

Let us pray! God is not dead. He sits on the throne, and in the end He will be King and judge; but before the end comes, we must commit ourselves here and now to work for justice, peace, and equality.

“African politicians must learn to retire at a minimum age of 70 years, but rather we have packed old men in our leadership, how could we move forward? Some are even above 80 years and still ruling.” (Kofi Annan)